Trump Revolution Hits Mexico – Is This Becoming Trump v Soros?

Some people think that Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is leading the polls in Mexico, is their answer to Trump. This is once again the constant trend of trying to blame Trump for everything. In 1933, Adolf Hitler came to power and Mao Zedong rose in China. At the same time, we saw Franklin Roosevelt take office after beating Herbert Hoover. The PROPER way to view politics is rather simple. The people in Mexico are sick and tired of career politicians and they too are demanding REAL CHANGE. The key to understanding the political trend is very clear and distinct — whoever is in power is thrown out without a particular political view be it left or right.

This is a generational shift. That is what these 51.6-year waves in the Economic Confidence Model truly represent when we are looking at societal changes. Nearly half of all eligible voters in Mexico are now under 40, and of that, 20% will be voting for the very first time! We are watching the younger generation coming to power and the old ideas are falling rapidly. The younger generation is an age group that is profoundly disenchanted with the political “establishment” and are DEMANDING a moral leader to bring about real change, not just in Mexico, but around the entire world.

The change in government over corruption in Malaysia was profound. Now we see thousands of anti-corruption protesters are demonstrating in cities across Romania for the fifth day after a court sentenced the country’s most powerful politician for official misconduct. There have been far more than 10,000 demonstrators waving Romanian and European Union flags outside the government offices in Bucharest on this past weekend. They were singing the national anthem and using their smartphone torches to illuminate the night sky. They were yelling: “We don’t want to be a nation of thieves!” and “Down with the Social Democratic Party!”

If you listen to CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times, they are all combining to fight for the “establishment” against Trump. They feel their power is slipping and they are fighting back, but they will lose in the end and may send the nation into a storm of bloodshed. People are demanding CHANGE and the “establishment” is fighting back. In many circles, the face of that establishment is George Soros who has been funding things like the anti-BREXIT position in Britain, the Democrats in the USA, and the effort to federalize Europe under Brussels.

Macedonia 3-26-2017

Many are starting to see this as a confrontation between Trump and Soros. One German press report, Epoch Times, ran the headline: Soros fears for his liberal-globalist world order – Trump’s “revolution in world politics” is becoming successful. Soros has been funding the anti-Trump agenda. What comes out of this mess is going to be nothing but civil unrest.

Soros did admit that he helped confiscate property from Jews for the Nazis. Soros views that he was a child of 14, and if he did not help his adopted father do that, then someone else would so he has no sense of guilt. This is a window into his character for he assumes that whatever happened would have happened anyway if he were not funding it today. Interesting perspective.


If you want to see the REAL trend, stop looking at Trump — look around the world and connect the dots. Then you will see we are headed into a major period of global civil unrest for politicians have rigged the game for themselves since World War II. Trump was not a fluke, and he certainly was not the cause. He too is simply a symptom of the trend in motion.

Those in power deliberately seek to make any issue complex and show so many facets that this seeds the crop of disunity and debate. This is a DELIBERATE strategy! They know people want a single cause and effect. Give the people many potential causes, and they will argue among themselves. Keeping the people divided is the key to retaining power. As Julius Caesar said: “Divide and Conquer.” As long as the establishment is obfuscating the global trend by picking on things Trump says or does in a desperate attempt to discredit him, there is no possible way of getting rid of the Trump Revolution. They will not manage to put the genie back in the bottle. This is a GLOBAL TREND — just open your eyes and you will see it absolutely rising EVERYWHERE!!!!!

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