When Will We Be Truthful About Bureaucratic Intervention into Foreign Elections?

I really do find it totally beyond belief how even Republicans, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, are coming out to criticize Trump saying Trump should have blasted Putin for interfering in the US election. He said, “There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world.” Ryan So if the emails were NOT altered and the voting machines were not altered, added: “The president must appreciate that Russia is  not our ally.”

The USA has interfered in Canadian elections under Obama to get Justin Trudeau elected, the French elections, and stuck its nose in BREXIT vote threatening the British that they will be at the back of the line on trade for the USA will punish them if they leave the EU. Then, the US got caught tapping the private cell phone of Merkel and all other head of state among our “allies” in Europe. That was quietly hushed up with Germany announcing the NSA refused to provide enough evidence to criminal investigate them. Then Merkel was caught spying on France. I understand if this was a one-sided event where Russia hacked into the USA elections and the USA has never done such a thing. The CIA even practiced assassinating leaders they disagreed with. Hello! What about Project Northwoods when the CIA wanted to kill Americans and blame it on Cuba to justify an invasion? Project Northwoods is even on Wikipedia.

What is fair is fair. This selective memory is really absurd. We have to be honest and call the shots straight up. Even Obama came out and was desperate to blame Russia for hacking DNC files that exposed internal corruption. Nobody ever said that the emails that were hacked had been altered. They were real. Nevertheless,  Obama’s Administration plainly said“We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

So if the emails were real and the voting machines were not hacked, then the issue boils down to whoever hacked simply released emails that were self-damning and the election outcome was not altered by any hacking. The Bureaucracy has the media on its side to constantly portray Russia as the enemy. I have been in meetings asking why is Russia our enemy? Nobody can give me an answer. I state they are no longer communist. That was what the cold war was all about. They stare at me with a blank look in their eyes and finally just say: “Well they are Russian!”

The entire Crimea thing is absurd. If Mexico declared that Antonio López de Santa Anna of Mexico surrendered Texas to Sam Houston to save his own life when captured, then they can say his actions were personal and under duress like a woman signing a prenup agreement the morning of the marriage. Courts have held such agreements are under duress and thus void. Was Santa Anna’s surrender of Texas not under duress? Then Mexico can invade Texas and claim it is all null and void. Would the USA not invade saying they are protecting American citizens? That is what Russia did with Crimea and Eastern Ukraine where they were ethnic Russians whose language is Russian – not Ukrainian. Indeed, the former head of Ukraine Yanukovich was laughed at by Ukrainians because he could not even speak proper Ukrainian since he came from the Russian side of Ukraine. He was a Russian Oligarch and that is why they rose up. He was not an ethnic Ukrainian.

The people should have simply voted and Ukraine should have been partitioned down the middle based on language. Anyone who did not want to be on either side should have been compensated and then they could buy a home where they felt comfortable. It would have saved billions of dollars and lives.

It is time to just be honest. The USA plays the same games as Russia and China because the Bureaucracies in each still resent the others. My recommendation! Get over it and move on! Nobody wants to occupy each other’s land anymore. We will bury you boasted the Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev when they thought Communism would conquer Capitalism is in the past. The days of empire building are long gone. Russia and China realize that Marxism failed. We have not figured that out just yet ourselves. Have we become the socialists now? Obama supported intervention in foreign elections as did Clinton to help socialists win. Curious how roles change.



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