Complexity & Quantum Computing

QUESTION: Do you think that quantum computing will really change the world and is it feasible in our lifetime?


REPLY: Quantum Computing is the first real change in computer science. Traditional computers encode information in bits which are essentially magnets that store a charge and that created the binary code of 1 and 0. Therefore, 8 magnets form a bit and thus the letter A would be 01000001. You can store the entire alphabet in these bits.

Quantum computers, on the other hand, work entirely different. They are based on qubits, which operate according to two key principles of quantum physics: superposition and entanglement. The superposition means that each qubit can represent both a 1 and a 0 at the same time. Entanglement means that qubits in a superposition can be correlated with each other, which means that whether the state of one is actually a 1 or a 0 can depend entirely upon the state of another. Using these two principles, qubits can act in a more complex yet sophisticated manner. This enables quantum computers to function in ways that allow them to solve difficult problems that are inflexible or difficult utilizing today’s computers.

Whether it is actually possible to solve is one of the greatest mysteries of life is not fully recognizable just yet. There are experiments being conducted to see if they can solve problems that would be impossible with standard coding. Will they change the world? It is possible, but not yet. Our Socrates system was designed with standard computer binary structures. However, in order to work out some of the most difficult complex structures, it required creating a derivative of this principle of superposition and entanglement but artificially creating this quantum structure.

For example, this is a photo of a giant honey mushroom, located in Oregon, which is 2400 years old. It is actually all connected by a root system that stretches 3 miles.  This is the LARGEST living organism on the planet. On the surface, you would assume they are all separate and individual. However, they are all connected and form part of the same organism. It is this same complex structure that connects all of us. Although we are independent on one level, we react and respond also collectively — the panic herd syndrome. Any attempt to forecast a single economy fails because it excludes the trends in all others. The world economy is a honey mushroom with the root system invisible and beyond the mere assumption of most people.

Complexity is fascinating. It is all about how we approach it. We will NEVER advance until we understand the interconnectivity – PERIOD!

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