Taxing Boats For Just Visiting

A lot of people have emailed in about the outrageous taxes being imposed on those who own boats. A number of people are complaining about California that they sail there and dock in San Diego briefly and go visit Mexico and then get a property tax for having a boat even when they are not citizens of California. This is really getting insane. A number of cities are doing this and they shift the burden to you to object. I have mentioned before where I was given a parking ticket in a private lot in front of Starbucks in New Jersey. Of course, it was illegal. They also know you will not take off a day from work to go to court to object and a $50 fine is not worth hiring a lawyer. So what happens? You pay the fine. They are doing this to boaters and they order the marinas to report the boats docked there and they treat them as if you are a citizen and just send you a bill for $900 or more.

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