Concern About Influencing Markets

QUESTION: Thank you very much for your blog and all the knowledge that you pas on.
You are well known in many circles and I would think have great influence in the inner circles and behind the curtain. Now then your computer forecasts can sway a lot of people because of that. If you were to advice in advance of a major market crash you could be accused of starting a panic or worse. So my question is would you do it or sit on it and explain later?
Retired in Canada.


ANSWER: No. We have ALWAYS provided forecasting regardless of the consequences. The Computer itself is writing the analysis on over 1,000 instruments daily. Everyone knows that there is no human writing these reports. Besides that, there are those behind the curtain who want the real forecast even though it may be against them. I have been on the phone with central banks during a crisis when they have asked me does it look like they will need to intervene. So you will be surprised. Even they want the truth when it counts.

I am not doing mainstream media interviews that would ever appear as a headline that the market will crash tomorrow or something like that. ONLY if such information appears in the mainstream media does it raise a red flag.

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