It’s Not About Trump & People Are Too Stupid to Even Look at the Trend in Motion

QUESTION: It is so confusing. Hillary took money from foreign governments which is treason and that’s ok. Cohen pays two women to keep their mouth shut and that’s a crime? It seems that this is all one giant game to prevent any reform. They seem to select who to prosecute not because they did something. What is your opinion?


ANSWER: The interesting aspect is they have succeeded in turning this into all about Trump as a person. The real story that shows how stupid people are for they hate Trump yet cannot really say what he has done to them to warrant this type of hatred. One crazy email said he is a liar how can you support him? First, they are all liars and secondly I do NOT support anyone Republican or Democrat. This is about a trend and stop looking at the people and look just for once at the TREND!!!!!!

Trump is by no means someone who walks on water. This is not even about left v right. This is all about removing an outsider. They constantly bash Trump personally and that is purely to distract people from the REAL objective here. They keep shifting things around like a street guy trying to get you to bet on where the ball is now. I knew Reagan’s campaign manager. Washington viewed him also as an outsider back then who was only a governor. He was not regarded as one of them. It took a lot of time for even the Republican elite to accept Reagan. They did not like him from the outset! Reagan announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president back in 1975. They pulled out the big guns to stop him. He tried again in 1979. They feared reform back then as well and the elite did not support Reagan. What did Reagan reform – taxes! They never like to see tax rates go down and it seems ONLY an outsider ever lowers the taxes. Obama and Bush raised taxes so this is not even a Republican v Democrat. McCain voted to enforce sales taxes on the internet. When asked why he was supporting raising taxes, he said he was not raising taxes, just enforcing taxes that people owed.

This is really about having anyone who is not from Washington as president. Just look back at the candidates from Kennedy on, they were all Washington boys until Reagan. They do not like outsiders. They get all these people filled with such hatred it is amazing how STUPID they really are. What you see on TV is all a show. Behind the curtain, Republican and Democrats are all the same. The national debt keeps going regardless who is in power even Trump. The machine cannot be stopped and they do not want anyone from the outside looking in.

This is NOT about Trump and if he lied, had sex with 3 women at the same time, or cheated on his taxes. This is about protecting the ESTABLISHMENT and most people are just easily manipulated so they actually think this is about justice and Trump. This is about taking the government back into the hand of those in Washington. Make no mistake about it, even John McCain voted for Hillary to keep the status quo. To keep this personal, they get people to hate Trump and that leaves the ESTABLISHMENT to eat you for lunch. They keep the people divided between left and right so they never notice how much of their income is consumed by the government which produces NOTHING. This hatred is rising and that is the key component for civil war.

Those who think this is about supporting or opposing Trump for some political philosophy are plain gullible. There is so much more here going on behind the curtain. Those in power still REFUSE to accept that Trump was elected as a vote against THEM. We just saw the same thing in New York with the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Democrats are shocked she won but they too wrongly look at her victory as it must mean they want more socialism instead of looking at it as a vote against career politicians. The same is happening everywhere from Malaysia to Italy. It is just time for a major change because the system does not work anymore regardless if we have a Republican or Democrat in the White House – nothing changes.


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