Is Speaker Paul Ryan Part of the Conspiracy Against Trump?

The fact that House Speaker Paul Ryan said he doesn’t see a role for Congress in investigating the identity of the author of a New York Times op-ed, demonstrates that this is incompetent or complacent in what is taking place in Washington. This is no longer about just removing Trump from office. This is seriously about National Security. Such a person who is deliberately sabotaging the administration if he is working for the Democrats would make this no different than Watergate. Anyone who claims to be defending democracy is blowing their own horn. You quit and come out and say that you disagree with Trump and why. If the person is accepting anything from a third party this is really very serious for they are not leaving office. That means we have an ongoing crisis. The NY Times calling it a “high ranking” official simply means anyone in the White House.

Such an investigation is MANDATORY because this could also be a plant from a foreign government and this could also be steering us to war. You just do not know UNLESS you investigate. This is clearly trying to influence the upcoming elections. Ryan is leaving office but he seems to be clearly trying himself to sabotage his own party. So what is going on in Washington? The policy they claim to be stopping is what? Our national defense? Trade? Taxation? This is not something that should matter who is in the White House be it Hillary, Obama, Trump, or FDR. For Speaker Ryan to say he sees nothing to investigate calls into question his own competency or complacency in what is shaping up to be a conspiracy at the very least by the Bureaucracy to take control of the government back against the people.


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