Gov Cuomo says People are Fleeing NY Because of Weather not Taxes

New York State Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has blamed the upstate extremely cold weather (Global Warming) for the reason people have been fleeing his state NOT taxes. This comes as no surprise, for Democrats are closet Marxists and love more taxes and assume the people love to be taxed and always ask for more. Like the Global Warming people who ignore all history before 1850, Cuomo prefers to ignore the fact that the American Revolution slogan was:

“No Taxation Without Representation” 


The stunning thing is how politicians always play with fire and never learn from the past. Since 1500, there have been 354 tax rebellions in the world. Back in 2014, French vegetable farmers set a tax office and a building on fire in protest. I don’t think that had to do with weather. In fact, there is an average of every 1.46 years for a tax rebellion somewhere in the world. I moved to Florida to get closer to Global Warming – TRUE. But my lawyer also told me if I died, to tell my family to drag my body across the river before they told the State of New Jersey. Then, even if we held a conference in Hong Kong, we had to pay almost 10% to the State of New Jersey just for the privilege of being given a parking ticket in front of Starbucks in a private parking lot.

Under Cuomo’s logic, it sounds like New York State should join Canada and slap a $1,000+ tax on every house, condo, or apartment to stop Global Warming and then they will happily stay and vote for even more taxes. While he’s at it, since we are the problem with creating Global Warming like the cows in Europe, they should just tax sex to reduce the population and I am sure they can authorize surveillance cameras in everybody’s abode to enforce the tax.

Politicians will not listen, which is why there should be no career politicians. You are asking for them to reform and they will NEVER act other than their own self-interest as long as they can get away with it. We can ONLY have a country of the people and for the people when the people are actually running the joint! Once you allow career politicians, they act in their own self-interest and that is ALWAYS against the self-interest of the people.

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