Kavanaugh is the Tipping Point for Decline & Fall of the United States

Kavanaugh’s hearing exposed the serious fact that the US Congress has become too polarized to even govern. What has been done to Kavanaugh is a serious disgrace for if the allegations of Ford are true, then she is at fault for not bringing charges back then and claiming it has defined her life. NOBODY should be allowed to bring any allegations against anyone decades after with no proof. They call them a Cold Case when they cannot solve a murder and Chicago’s track record is that they solve less than even one in six such murders and that is current incidents.

The Kavanaugh vote was strictly down the party line and that demonstrates the problem. The hatred and degree to which a person is attacked goes beyond that person but seriously harms his entire family. This is now becoming a serious deterrent to anyone in the future looking at taking such a post. Will they find someone in your past you just hates you for some reason who now thinks it is pay-back time? The Congress is now far too disconnected from the notion of God, truth, and justice for all. There is a complete breakdown of anything civilized in the country they are supposed to serve. The judiciary, which is traditionally distant from partisan bickering, is now smack in the middle of it. This nonsense that those appointed to the court vote only partisan means that we should simply replace the court with an artificial intelligence system that decides cases based strictly upon the Constitution.

This Congress would NEVER be capable of even writing a Constitution. If they existed in 1776, there would be NO United States. If they would have ever agreed to have a revolution against the King, they would have then turned on each other. Very few would have survived such an event. I personally am fed up with politics. My cousin has the musket that our family used in the American Revolution. If my family, who has fought in every war from the American Revolution onward were alive today, they would seriously wonder what they even fought for.

There is no doubt that historians will look back on the hearing as a turning point in this country when the Decline and Fall of the United States was at least exposed and some will make this event as the tipping point. This has exposed that hatred that is brewing beneath the surface. The computer will no doubt be correct. We have gone way too far to ever return to normality.

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