American Politics Has Crossed the Rubicon – There’s no Going Back

COMMENT: Thanks for commenting on this! I was watching the proceedings and to me the circus on Capitol Hill only made sense to those who are too deep into American politics to see the big picture.

I’m not from the USA, luckily.

From the outside, it looks like infighting. What it looks like is the seat of the Empire is filled with corrupt bureaucrats fighting for dominance. By the time one faction wins, the Empire’s foundation is so undermined it only takes a breeze to bring the entire house of cards crashing down.

Isn’t this what truly happened in the days of Rome? Was it the Barbarians, or was it the internal struggles between the established factions within Rome that undermined it to the point where the whole thing became vulnerable to an outside force?

In the end, the Empire was divided, and only the East carried on the legacy. The West sank into a thousand year long Dark Age.

Would you say we’re at a similar time? Some of us are wondering if there is a fix to this… If things will ever go back to normal…


REPLY: Yes a lot of emails have been pouring in from overseas since this entire appointment of a judge has captured the attention of the entire world. A friend from Canada could not believe how it is dominating even their TV.

I fully respect if these women were really sexually assaulted. The problem is bringing something up 36 years later when memories are distorted. This has turned into a Circus and it reflects how anything goes today. It is really sad because it exposes how deep the hatred goes. You are correct, we have crossed the Rubicon. There is no putting this back together. The November elections will NEVER be accepted by either side.

This is the Array on the Democrats. We are plagued by Directional Changes and Panic Cycles showing up in 2019 and 2021. This is all coming to a MAJOR head by 2020.

I sincerely fear that Trump will be the very last democratically elected president. They will from here on out alter the actual voting counts to support their desired outcome. This is game over! Turn out the lights! As they said of Rome: they will still laughing when the lights went out.

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