Was McCain Institute the Same Deal as Clinton Foundation?

COMMENT: The view of John McCain from outside the United States is completely opposite of how the American press portrays him. I even heard like Hillary, he too had a foundation that people had to donate to for him to sponsor certain bills.


REPLY: Oh yes, there is no question that the press outside the USA never portrayed McCain in some glowing light. He was always protected by the American press. It is just hard to say why or what was going on behind the curtain in this matter (see South China Morning Post). As far as the McCain Institute, he started it with $8 million in cash from political contributions he did not spend and they get to keep, which nobody ever talks about. The McCain Institute has accepted money also from George Soros and from Teneo, which was the company of Doug Band, the former President Bill Clinton’s “bag man.” Teneo has long helped enrich Clinton through lucrative speaking and business deals. It has even been alleged that the Clinton’s told McCain how to do it. Hillary even defends McCain.

McCain Institute has refused to disclose how much money big donors have contributed to get influence with  John McCain the Senator. McCain was against Trump because one of the things Trump has targeted to “Drain the Swamp” is this type of set up like the Clinton Foundation and McCain Institute that allow people to bribe politicians. Trump has publicly stated that is what he use to do and the Clintons even showed up at his wedding.  USA Today back in 2014 reported that people with actions before the Senate were donating to McCain. This is outright plain corruption that they exonerate themselves on all the time.

One rumor is that Bill Browder allegedly donated to McCain Institute and in return, he sponsored the Magnitsky Act. No politicians should be allowed to have any such parallel “foundation” or “institute” that is really part of the Swamp. This has to be made illegal and jail time for any politician OR their family to run such a thing on the side. You will NEVER read about that in the NY Times, Washington Post, or hear it on CNN. They all love the Swamp and defend it every chance they get.

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