Egyptian Economist Arrested for Criticizing Government


The Egyptian Economist, Abdel Khalik Farouk, is the author of more than 20 books on corruption in the Egyptian economy. His latest book, Is Egypt really poor?  was confiscated by Egyptian authorities last week on the day of publication. The owner of the printing house, Ibrahim El Khatib, was also arrested. Farouk has set out that the corruption inside the Egyptian government is what keeps the nation poor. He is correct on that score for corruption in governments, in general, are always the greatest redistribution of wealth ever created.

Then there is the Greek Chief statistician Andreas Georgiou who is now under the charge of having harmed the national interest! He was the one who corrected the faked Greek deficit number of -3,9 to the real number of -15.4%.   On August 2nd, 2010, he was appointed as President of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT). Then on August 2nd, 2015, he surprisingly resigned from office with immediate effect. This in July 2016, the Greek Supreme Court upheld charges against Georgiou for having harmed the “national interest” for effectively telling the truth.

Of course, our media is part of the corruption in general. They preach the government line and spit out propaganda and they could care less what they are doing to the United States or the world. Hillary, for example, was perhaps the peak of corruption. Here we had a politician with the audacity to pretend she stands against the “rich” and then all the super rich stand in line to buy favors. Goldman Sachs went as far as to ban its staff from even donating to the Trump campaign. What did the bankers get in return for supporting the Democrats? Student loans were then non-dischargeable in bankruptcy and then the bankers cleverly told parents they had to co-sign for their children and suddenly the bankers own your home for a degree that 65% of the children cannot even find a job. Now Hillary advocates civil unrest and says it is warranted UNLESS the Democrats take back government. Hence, she no longer believes in Democracy.

What the Democrats did to American families was CRIMINAL. We now have the largest percentage of children in their 30s still living at home. The bankers have destroyed the real estate market and ensured that the next generation will not be able to buy a home because of student loans. The State of New Jersey refused to forgive a student loan co-signed by a mother after her son was murdered. This was not unique. A mother from Michigan ended up in the same position.

Formal education has become a huge scam. Degrees are worthless and schools just grab the money and run. They are NOT preparing people for careers in the least. Studies have confirmed there is something seriously wrong because this has become a giant fraud.

There is little doubt that as we head into 2032, the freedom of speech will also vanish. What I have just written will become banned. Welcome to the inherent corruption that is consuming everything. They will imprison, murder calling it suicide or an accident, whatever it takes to prevent the truth from being told. This is how Empires, Nations, and City-States die.



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