Should the Women who Made Knowingly False Statement in the Kavanaugh Hearing Be Criminally Prosecuted?

Sen. Chuck Grassley has asked the FBI to investigate another person he says made false claims against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Previously, an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by multiple women found that there were no witnesses that could provide any evidence to substantiate any of their claims. They even questioned three witnesses Christine Blasey Ford claimed were present in the house when Kavanaugh allegedly threw her on a bed and sexually assaulted her sometime in the 1980s. Nobody could collaborate with Ford’s accusations.

Grassley had also requested that the FBI investigate accuser Julie Swetnick and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, who also represents porn star Stormy Daniels in her allegations against President Trump. Swetnick’s credibility was questioned after an ex-boyfriend came forward and said “she exaggerated everything” and had even threatened to kill his unborn child. Once again, no evidence could be found to support her claims. Swetnick also had made inconsistent statements in various television interviews and then simply refused to speak with committee investigators. Senator Grassley wrote to the FBI laying it out quite clearly:

“Indeed, the evidence appears to support the position that Julie Swetnick and Mr. Avenatti criminally conspired to make materially false statements to the Committee and obstruct the Committee’s investigation.”

It is stunning that the Democrats were willing to put these forward just to create a political firestorm. They put forward allegation involving incidents in three states. Nobody could find any evidence to support any of the allegations. Grassley has also requested that the FBI investigate Judy Munro-Leighton, who anonymously claimed Kavanaugh slapped her and forced her to perform oral sex on him. She had written a letter claiming to be in California but made a mistake using an email they were able to trace and found she lied about that and was a fervent Democrat living in Kentucky. She had contacted the committee claiming she wrote an anonymous letter accusing the judge of sexual misconduct. When investigators went after her, she suddenly recanted the authorship and admitted that she never even knew Kavanaugh. She excused herself claiming it was just a “ploy” to “get attention” and had never met Justice Kavanaugh. She had stated that Kavanaugh and a friend raped her.

This is now the fourth request made by Grassley to the FBI to investigate those involved in the controversial Kavanaugh proceedings which were not just watched intensely in the United States, but it dominated the news in Canada as well. He is demanding that they investigate Julie Swetnick, who accused Kavanaugh of drunken behavior and sexual assault, and her lawyer Michael Avenatti who has publicly stated he was looking to run for president in 2020.

Grassley is demanding charges in reality which are serious and carry 5 years in prison per count for making false allegations which not just diverted resources causing millions of dollars of expenditures, but they led to an international embarrassment of the nation. Yet this has exposed the raw hatred that also exists in some aspects of the gender war that a portion of people seem to be involved in. Mix in politics, and we end up with a real mess and this entire incident, if NOT prosecuted, will become the new standard and nobody will ever seek any post if we have lost all sense of civility. There were just far too many people who believed the women only because they were women regardless of what they said. That is a very dangerous position in politics.

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