Ancient Coin Hoards for the Holidays

Those interested in some ancient coins for the holidays, here are some of the hoards we have. These have been used as part of our study for the reconstruction of the World Economy.  We have a unique selection of ancient Greek and Roman coins available for the Holidays. Download the catalog for there are coins from $25 each and up. This also includes Biblical Widow Mites as described in the Synoptic Gospels (Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:1-4).

We have an exceptionally high-quality hoard of the first World Currency – the Athens Owls from circa 450BC. This is an extremely rare hoard that is seldom ever discovered. We also have a hoard of Alexander the Great drachms. These are the second world currency which was minted all around the Mediterranean with different mint marks.

We also have rare proto-type arrow-heads which were used as money and predate coins. We also have Russian coins from a hoard of wire money. You will also find Roman coins as well. This is perhaps the most comprehensive offering of coins from hoards gathered over the past several decades.

These are coins that have been used in researching the Monetary History of the World. You can Download the Offering and then click of the separate link to purchase in time for the holidays. A gift of something like this can truly open the mind of children and change their life.

Coins for Holidays 2018

Coins may be purchased in our online store using the link below

Due to shipping regulations, we are limiting coin purchases to US buyers only

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