Democrats Poised to Launch a Range of Political Probes Against Trump & Russia

The next two years will do more to undermine the trust, confidence, and faith in government as the Democrats launch their political agenda to try to smear Trump for the 2020 Presidential election. It is all about them just winning in 2020 and to hell with the government, the nation, or the people. The Democrats are poised to launch a series of investigations after winning the House as they control key committees. They are preparing to probe a range of issues including Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Michael Cohen’s payments to women who say they’ve had affairs with Trump (allegations he denies), potential obstruction of justice and Trump’s finances. Trump in return has pledged to declassify key documents that will show that this entire Russian nonsense is a waste of time. The emails that were released were GENUINE and there are NO ALLEGATIONS that they were manufactured or altered by any Russians or aliens from another planet getting ready to invade.

This entire affair because Hillary lost has resurrected the Cold War and has placed the entire world at risk of war all because of the Democrats simply trying to win. So buckle up. The next two years will do far more to undermine the confidence in government than at any point in history.

In ancient Rome, there was the office of the Tribune of the People. They could bring criminal charges against any politician and they could not be obstructed or interfered with. We have the office of Inspector General which was supposed to be a watered down version of the Tribune. They will investigate and issue reports, but that is it. They have no power whatsoever. Congress should be BANNED from investigating presidents PERIOD!!!!! It is always for political purposes. That even applies to investigations such as Bill and Monaca.

Any investigation should be conducted by the office of the Inspector General and NOT Congress. Their report should be presented to Congress where the House votes to impeach or not and it goes off to the Senate for a trial. If anyone in the Inspector General office is political, takes bribes, or a post afterward, they should stand trial with the penalty of LIFE IMPRISONMENT. These Congressional investigations waste time, money, and are ONLY for political purposes which are corruption at government expense. Mueller is absolutely political and he is wasting the resources of the nation. He is intent on desperately trying to charge Trump with anything possible. His indicting everyone around Trump is unethical and he is a disgrace to the nation. Special Prosecutors would not be necessary if the office of Inspector General had power as did the Roman Tribune.



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