Understanding Why the Euro is a Failure & The One Big Happy Family

If you ask in Europe are people happy with the Euro, you will generally get a response of about 80% in favor. Even if you ask are people happy to be part of the EU, the majority over 90% will say yes. The curious thing is they buy this propaganda that on the surface Europe is all one big happy family. However, when it comes to consolidating the debts of Europe, you barely get a 10% approval rating. So on the one hand, Europe is one big happy family, but they are not about to support the cousin or brother-in-law who they regard as a derelict spendthrift who always squanders his money on wine, women, and song. So yes, he is a family member, but you keep him at a distance and tolerate him at obligatory family weddings and funerals.

There it is – the Euro Crisis. The cultural disparity will never be overcome. The proposals being whispered behind the curtain now is for Brussels to issue Euro bonds and then distribute that money to the derelicts in the family. They have realized that the failure of one may bring the whole family down. Because there is this monumental resistance toward assuming the debts of the derelict brother-in-law, it is best to leave him with his debt and hand him charity so he does not starve.

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