Euro Declining as a World Currency in Global Transactions

While the dollar haters are constantly calling for its demise, when we look at the stats, we see a very different picture. Since 2005, the euro’s share of bank loans has collapsed from 30% of the world market to just 20%, while the Greenback has soared from 60% to now 70% of world debt transactions. I have warned that the Fed is being lobbied from every angle to stop raising rates because the number of dollar loans outside the USA is staggering.

The Greenback remains the number one currency in foreign exchange transactions. The euro has collapsed from 38% of the transactions back in 2001 to about 30%, and is about to break that level in 2019. The British pound is rising in market share, reaching 13%, running fourth behind the Japanese yen with the Swiss franc in 5th place.

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