Trump & Reopening Government for 3 Weeks

It is interesting to watch how the press spins the fact that Trump has agreed to fund the government for three weeks. Our computer strangely was picking the week of February 11th the first week of January. I was wondering what possible event will surface for that target. Now we have it. How does the computer target such periods in time in advance? I have no idea. Perhaps Trump is simply under pressure and that is the maximum amount of time he could give the Democrats to compromise. It is fascinating. As I have always said, I am merely the observer. This is not something that can be forecast based upon personal opinion.

The left says Trump goes down in defeat to Pelosi. The left are praising Pelosi saying she is tougher than Trump. Some hard-line Republicans call Trump a wimp. Nevertheless, if I were in his position, I would have had done the same. But I would simply use the Terrorist powers of the Patriot Act to build the wall and claim that Terrorists can enter the country by flying into Central or South America to avoid the airports and the cross the border on foot even with a small tactical nuclear weapon that would fit in the base of a vending machine. That would be end of story.

I have written before that when I first moved to Tampa I looked for a good place for a deep tissue massage. To my shock, most were sex shops with imported young girls who may have even been under age. They have been shut down, but that is the human trafficking Trump was talking about that the left pretends does not exist.

This is entire affair illustrates that government is collapsing. The Democrats will oppose WHATEVER Trump puts forth. He his correct, that Chuck Schumer previously supported a border wall. It was the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was signed into law that October by George W. Bush and was in fact supported in the Senate by Chuck Schumer, Obama and Clinton. What this proves is that the Democrats have turned this into a political issue to undermine Trump simply to win the White House. CNN and the rest of the fake news pretend to be even fact checkers and they ignore this vote back 2006.

What changed between 2006 and now? Simply that Trump ran on that issue among others so they must defeat him? This is a photo of the wall that was partially constructed supported by the Democrats previously including Schumer, Obama and Clinton. So if the wall is worthless, why did they vote for it before? Because it was not a campaign issue in 2006? This is no longer about running the country. This is just degenerated into party politics proving the government can no longer be governed in the best interest of the people.

Statista has actually confirmed our entire basis of the Economic Confidence Model. The LEAST trusted profession today is now members of Congress. What the Democrats have done is to now completely undermined the government. Whatever tactic they employ against Trump, will now be the rules of engagement when they are on Top and the Republicans will opposed everything and anything they do. After the disgusting hearings on Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, if anything can be made up to disgrace any nomination, so many people I have spoken with have ruled out ever seeking any position in government to help. That was a game changer. There is no possible way to prevent this spiral collapse in the confidence of government as we head into 2032.



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