72% of Democrats Hate Russians When Even Obama Said Russia Did Not Hack the Vote

The question of the Democrats to win in 2020 by constantly investigating Trump and links to Putin is rising to the surface. While the Democrats blame Putin for releasing emails that exposed the corruption within their Party, what is emerging is a very dangerous hate game that can be easily spun into war. Recently, the USA has been warning everyone not to deal with Venezuela. Because of the demonizing of Russia, they are forced to always take the opposite posture. Russia is stepping in and agreed to ship 20 tons of gold out of Venezuela. Putin is only doing this because the Democrats have deliberately sacrificed all relations with Russia simply to score points domestically against Trump.

Not only has every president tried to work for world peace since World War II, but just about every Miss America has said when contending for the crown she prays for world peace. The Democrats keep blaming Putin for everything and as such have created world tensions. Even Obama said nobody interfered with the election.  I would understand if they said Putin hacked the voting machines, but even Obama has come out and said that did not happen. His Administration plainly said“We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people.” The entire theory is that Hillary would have won BUT FOR Putin’s release of the emails which nobody claims were false or fraudulent.

There is an anger that has consumed the people and the politicians since the peak of the Economic Confidence Model – 2015.75. It is even self-evidence in sports. The San Francisco 49’ers use to dominate the sports league. Most people admired them. They use to look up to stars like the Chicago Bulls and the great Michael Jordan. Today, the Patriots have replaced the 49’ers but they are probably the most hated team in history. This attitude is reflected in politics as well. Just because the person you voted for lost the presidency, there was none of this “he’s not my president” stuff. We accepted the loss and moved on. Those days are simply gone.

Regardless who wins in 2020, you can bet on one thing. The losing side will NEVER accept the loss. Violence will grow and spread. We will see the average person unwilling to actually accept democracy.

This rising anger is clearly growing between the USA and Russia. The latest Gallop Poll shows that 72% of Democrats hate Russia and it’s all about Hillary’s emails. This is very serious for against that type of bias lies the easy step to war and they will think it is justified especially when the economy turns down.

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