2019 Canadian Outlook Report Now Available

The 2019 Canadian Outlook Report is particularly interesting this year with the Federal elections coming into play in October 2019. This year, capital flows are intense with political chaos everywhere we look. The impact of Canada within the mix of this global nightmare is going to be critical.

This year’s Canadian Outlook 2019 report includes the Canadian dollar outlook both against the Greenback as well as against the euro. We are also reviewing the prospects for the Canadian Share Market as well as interest rates.

Of course, with commodities being a major issue for western Canada, we have provided the outlook for Crude Oil as well as an overview of Canadian Real Estate.

This going to be an important report as we head into the conclusion of this 8.8-year business cycle wave — the Economic Confidence Model due in January 2020. This is going to be a critical time ahead and we all have to understand the trends to prepare for the chaos that will be unleashed with this major turning point.

The Canadian Outlook 2019 $200

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