Explaining the Fall of Western Society As We Know It

QUESTION: Western Civilization will collapse by 2032.
I didn’t expect such a strong comment from you.
Specifically, what does this mean?
On the level of ancient Rome? Followed by the dark ages or just mediocrity and the rise of the East?



ANSWER: There is a serious risk that after 2032, this will be very much like the fall of Rome. Nonetheless, it is my personal hope that if we understand that risk, we can avert it and move to a new type of wave formation and learn from the past just once thereby advancing to the next level of understanding. At the lower threshold of risk lies that reality whereby at the very minimum we are looking at the collapse of centralized governments as took place in 1989 with communism. That will result in greater separatist movements and the breakup of national states as we know it today. The USA could break into four main regions. Britain would find it too splits and Scotland, as well as Wales and Ireland, revert back to their origins. The idea of centralized power in Europe will fail as it did with Charlemagne, Peter the Great, The Holy Roman Empire, Napoleon, and Hitler. There are even separatist movements in Germany beginning to rise with Bavaria against the north as many will proudly say they are Bavarian first before German.


The fall of Rome led to a separatist trend with the breakup of Europe. Even when Rome fell, that barbarians were imitating Roman traditions for a while. They began to issue coins in the name of the East Emperor just to try to pretend that they were the rulers of the West. They wanted to conquer Rome to be Roman. We have the invasion of refugees in Europe and it has begun from South America into the USA which is why Trump is even fighting for a Wall. The Democrats are trying to stop Trump simply because it was a Trump campaign promise. They are by this very opposition encouraging people to rush in BEFORE any wall is built.

With the collapse of Rome, the monetary system collapsed and people hoarded their wealth. This resulted in coinage vanishing from circulation. Eventually, gold vanished from the money supply for nearly 600 years. It did not reappear until 1232 with the first coin being issued in Brindisi. This was issued in order to conduct trade with Byzantine and Arabs.

So what the computer is showing is the rise in civil unrest and the risk of war. Just look at what took place at the State of the Union – there is no UNION. This nonsense the Democrats have engaged in has fired the first shot that will be heard around the world. They opposite absolutely everything that Trump says or does. When the political tide switches, the Republicans will do the same to them. It is over. There is no common ground or going back. We are witnessing the destruction of all democratic systems. This is how republics die – polarized opposition.

This is part of what the computer is forecasting – the collapse of governments as we have known. NEVER before has anyone dared to say that the president was not “their” president. We always accept the winner even when it was someone we voted against. That acceptance no longer exists. Furthermore, we are looking at the collapse of socialism the same as communism. Both were derived from Karl Marx. They are both unsustainable economically. The pension system is collapsing with many municipal governments having near or more people on retirement than working. Just look at Illinois as an example. The state, provincial, and municipal levels of government cannot create money. All they can do is raise taxes to force people to pay state employees that were promised endless money for life.

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