Supreme Court will Take Up the Census Argument for 2020

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Trump administration’s plan to determine who is and who is not a U.S. citizen during the 2020 Census. The justices agreed Friday to squeeze the controversial case on to their April calendar, because the decennial Census questionnaire is scheduled for printing this summer. A federal district judge in New York struck down the plan last month, ruling that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross exceeded his authority when he announced the inclusion of the citizenship question. The district judge’s order is very strange and it appears to be really off the charts. He wrote:

“The evidence at trial, including from the government’s own witness, exposed how adding a citizenship question would wreck the once-in-a-decade count of the nation’s population.”

“The inevitable result would have been – and the administration’s clear intent was – to strip federal resources and political representation from those needing it most.”

What is very strange here is that the Constitution does not state that non-citizens have any rights whatsoever to vote. The press has really clouded this issue and made it seem that Trump is some sort of racist because of this issue. However, as it currently stands, even a legal immigrant with a Green Card has the right to vote if over 18, but they can only vote in local and state elections that don’t require you to be a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, green card holders are already prohibited from voting in federal elections – but they do pay taxes to work here in the USA. I lived in London and even had a British drivers license. I paid taxes there but never had the right to vote.

The right to vote is RESTRICTED to citizens. Even someone legally present in the USA cannot vote in federal elections. The seats in Congress are allocated according to the census which is to be taken in 2020. Let us say that California has 50% composed of  immigrants both legal with green cards as well as illegal. They are fighting this matter because they get resources from the Federal Government and they have seats in Congress based upon the census. So if 50% were non-citizens, then California should have 50% less seats in Congress.

If I were on the Supreme Court I would have to vote in favor of the Trump Administration for it is inconsistent to allow seats in Congress to be allocated for people who are not citizens and cannot legally vote. The entire argument seems to be about simply not deporting people. I have no problem with a someone who came here as a child and was raised in the USA staying in the USA. They should be instructed to (1) become a citizens or (2) then leave. Citizens pay taxes federally BECAUSE they have a Social Security number. They also vote. Why should people who cannot vote somehow be represented in Congress? It just does not seem to be consistent with the Constitution.


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