Climate Change Conspiracy to End Steel & Plastic Production

QUESTION: Are you aware that the climate change crowd is trying to force companies to expose the fact that whatever they produce is damaging the environment and investors should sell their shares to drive them into bankruptcy?


ANSWER: Yes, the latest fashionable demand is to force companies to make “climate disclosures” that reflect their skewed research. This occurs when corporations are required to made disclosures according to their highly unlikely climate-risk scenarios. The objective is to scare investors and increase their cost of capital to these firms to drive them out of business and create massive unemployment. This new strategy is supported by AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). The idea that finance or investor pressure could provide a solution to global warming is absurd.

The strategy is to create demonization of electrical utilities and force a low-carbon transition whereby we would no longer be able to manufacture steel or plastic. This would eliminate airplanes and it would really destroy Western civilization. The third world would NEVER be able to adopt such measures and it would permanently keep their people and countries in the stone age. These people pose a far greater threat to civilization than climate deniers.

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