Save the Planet – Kill All Humans?

COMMENT: I confess. I use to be a Democrat. I can no longer accept this insanity. This new green deal is just stupid. I like how you are unbiased. That is so rare these days. You should turn this into a TV network to compete against FOX and CNN just taking the middle ground.

Thank you


REPLY: This New Green Deal is just beyond all belief. It has to be raised by someone like AOC because anyone with any intelligence would see it for what it is — complete insanity. If the Democrats are really going to let her dominate the party, then they are courting their own destruction. Eliminating all air travel will result in massive starvation. If there is a plague that begins in Africa, doctors cannot fly there to help. It is not even practical enough to warrant a debate.

You are not the first to suggest creating a middle of the road REAL news station. We would need some real money-backers for that.

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