Socrates’ Forecasts Are Already Identifying the Approach of a New Business Cycle


The Socrates’ Array on Vancouver real estate published back in 2015 picked the high in 2017 and the crash into 2019. The high in the top line was forecasting 2017 rather nicely. Note that things begin to change in 2020-2021. Not that prices in real terms rise, but this is lining up with the ECM turn in January 2020 and the start of a new business cycle. This next one will be more dominated by the decline in confidence in government and the rise of political tension that will be worldwide from separatist movements to the fracture of political parties.

No matter where we look, markets are beginning to reflect a new business cycle is approaching. While this will be one of the focuses at the upcoming Rome WEC May 3rd/4th, the shift in global trends is really amazing. We will also be providing a training session on Channel Moves, which in themselves, is rather rare.

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