How Can Socrates Forecast The Biogen Crash Today?


QUESTION: OMG. Biogen GMW was saying high close sharp drop coming and I went to the reversals and it had just elected a bearish reversal with a big gap last week and arrays seemed to confirm and this morning it opened 25% below on a scrapped Alzheimer’s trial! How would Socrates possibly know an Alzheimer’s trial would get scrapped? This is incredible. I can’t even believe you came up with this weekly bearish.


ANSWER: I believe it is the same thing as war. Someone knows they will invade in advance and take positions accordingly. Socrates seems to pick many things like this. Chances are, there were people inside who knew the truth and began to sell creating a pattern that Socrates picked up.

What you did was correct. The GMW may tip you off, but it is not a tool to trade on by itself. It is an early warning system so to speak.

Then you look at the Reversals and you look for the gaps. The Array will help to give you a sense of timing when to expect the move.

In combination, all three systems provide a better than average guide. That is the very purpose of the GMW. It is an alert service to draw your attention to possible opportunities out there in the thousands of instruments globally.

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