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It is time that We the People demand reform in the Judicial System. Enough is enough. Former US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has been thrown into Solitary Confinement to break her no different than any third world country would do to torture a person. Just because judges claim to have this self-anointed power, does not make it comport with the Constitution or basic human rights. I am asking that EVERYONE reading this send it to EVERY politician in EVERY country to put political pressure on the United States both from within and internationally. This practice of contempt is a disgrace and it proves that the United States has ABSOLUTELY no basis to criticize any country for violating human rights when our own judges do not respect such principles.


Contempt Federal Judge Orders the Torture of Chelsea Manning – U.S. Violates Human Rights _ Armstrong Economics

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Why is this so important to take a few minutes to forward this PDF to every politician worldwide? Besides saving the life of someone you do not know, Chelsea Manning, there is also a lot more at stake. Under French law, nobody in a family can be compelled to testify against another. It is not limited to just your wife or a priest as in the United States. Not even a brother-in-law can be forced to testify against someone in a family to which they are not even blood-related.

In the United States, they can throw you in contempt for refusing to testify against your children or your children can be thrown in contempt for refusing to testify against a parent or a brother or sister. The ONLY privilege recognized by US courts is that of your wife, attorney, or clergy. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized the continued vitality of several privileges based on confidential relationships, such as the attorney-client privilege, the spousal privilege, as well as the more recently recognized psychotherapist-patient privilege, under Rule 501. In Jaffee v. United States, the court noted that such privileges are “rooted in the imperative need for confidence and trust.”

It is time we DEMAND that the family comes before the state and as such, no member of a family should ever be thrown in prison for refusing to testify against ANY other member.

Please – for all our sakes; forward this PDF to every politician, you can think of.

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Federal Judge Orders the Torture of Chelsea Manning – U.S. Violates Human Rights

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