Trump’s Agenda is Officially Dead


We should not expect Trump to get any of his agenda items through Congress. Trump’s promises to replace the Affordable Care Act, invest in infrastructure, and cut middle class taxes have been essentially shelved. The Democrats refuse to cooperate on anything in hopes of using that against him in 2020. What this really means illustrates my concerns. Government has simply ceased to exist and all we have is a couple deadlocked in a bitter divorce.

This reminds me of the best scene on this subject from “When Harry met Sally” and how bitter a divorce can be. This is what politics has degenerated to and it is in line with our computer’s forecasts that this is the end-game for Western civilization. There is just no going back. Government is now a battle to see which side can destroy civilization first. Websters’ defines civilization as “refinement of thought, manners, or taste,” none of which we can see in Washington anymore.

The entire purpose of civilization is everyone coming together because the sum is greater than the individuals. Today, we have reverted back to the individuals and there is no longer any cohesive sum that is greater. We have devolved backwards and it will take the crash and burn of government before we can rise from the political ashes with hope of a new government structure that once again respects the liberty of the individual.

While the Democrats have officially killed the Trump agenda, what they fail to understand is that this is also the destruction of their agenda as well. There will no longer be a government of ALL the people, it is now a government of us v them. That is how civilization dies. It defeats the entire purpose of forming societies. Politics has become a confrontation to impose tyranny upon your opponent. The very core of socialism is to deny individual freedom. The state comes first – the individual second. Everything the American Revolution stood for is now completely overturned.

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