The Treaty of Rome & 2020

QUESTION: I believe back at your 1985 WEC, if I remember correctly, besides the 2016 target for the first opportunity for a third party type president, you also gave the date 2021 for the potential breakup of the Treaty of Rome. Could you refresh my memory on that one?

See you in Rome

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ANSWER: There were two dates for Europe. Economically, the first date was 2008. That was the end of a 51.6-year cycle from the signing of the Treaty of Rome. The second date is 2020.03, which is two Pi cycles of 31.4 years. Now 2020.03 lines up with the end of this particular Economic Confidence Wave that turns 2020.05.

This is why Rome is going to be an interesting WEC, to say the least. We are preparing an authoritative work entitled “The Fate of Europe.”

We are reaching an extremely important change in trend. You can see the pressure and all that is at stake for the EU itself has set up a site it pretends to be a Fact Checker. This is indicative of the rising tensions.

Then we have total insanity with BREXIT where Prime Minister Theresa May is really working for the EU against her own country. The postponement of BREXIT until October 21st is on the table. May hopes that it will come down to accepting whatever terms the EU demands. She hopes Britain will surrender all sovereignty to Brussels or accept a hard exit, which she thinks everyone would reject. She believes the choice will be a hard exit. She is pitching it as the end of the world or remain and overrule the people and democracy.

In all the years I have worked around the world with various governments and political figures, I have never seen the entire world in such total chaos.

Historically, there was always some bright spot where the sun still shined. Today, it just seems to be gray and overcast everywhere we look. We seem to be on track to fulfill our manifest destiny whichever direction that will be — toward liberty or totalitarianism. There seems to be little other option. It will take us all to push for liberty when the time comes.

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