Changing Laws Rather than Attacking the Corruption in Berlin

COMMENT: Germany to Decide if It Can Nationalize Private Property. The difference between National Socialism (NS/NAZI) and International Socialism (INS) exactly are five letters and their definition according to that they do is pretty the same.
But don´t worry about international investors.

They got the real estate really cheap along with some gifts to the old parties and the will make a big deal if they are forced to sell. The next game will be a break down in prices and extreme lack of money, so the INS will sell again the huge real estate complexes the own and the game repeats. That´s the way corporatism works.

The real problems will have the middle class. they will pay for that and they will lose the real estate more or less directly to the newly imported elites when there will be a critical mass, maybe by a loss of worth or by direct occupation. Means the minority of those Nazi days will be the more and more decimated majority of the German population. What can be better for bad and incompetent EU-/German politics as people being alimented by the government and besides they are not understanding neither language nor what really happens?


REPLY: East Germany did not treat the people fairly. Most other places allowed you to buy the property in which you lived. In East Germany, the politicians sold it thanks to corruption. But the problem that emerges is you now have to change the law to allow for the confiscation of property. That establishes a precedent which can be applied to any property. The legal way to do this is to attack the owner on the basis of corruption and fraud rather than changing the law to confiscate private property. This proposal is stating that the state will then own the property, and it still does not allow the people to purchase where they live.

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