The Dawn of the Great Financial Unknown

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I assume you read that Mr. Nagai  has confirmed what you have been saying that the central banks have destroyed the bond markets. I must confess, his comments have finally struck a vein in our senior management. I have been trying to explain your view to them but nobody wanted to think anything would ever happen. I managed to get a seat in Rome. Does your report cover the prospects of what the future will be shaped by? I do not think people understand the seriousness of what you have been saying. They all watched your interview in one day. That was remarkable.


ANSWER: I know. This is a very serious topic. Far beyond what people understand . This is why the capital flows are going crazy pouring out of Europe into US Equities. I do not think people comprehend that we are staring a crisis in the eyes that is so fundamentally changing with regard to how the world monetary system functions, this is why I said bring your thinking caps to Rome. We are stepping into the great financial unknown – we are entering something where no economic theory has ever gone.

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