Banning Films & Corruption


Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Like many of your readers, I have been unable to watch “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes” for months because of its ban here in the US. Today, I was finally able to watch it at the following link. Not sure how long it will be up but I thought I would share it with your readers –

A very good film, I am glad to finally learn the truth in this matter. It is unbelievable how deep the corruption and cover-up is in the US and Europe. One day soon I hope Bill Browder and his many partners in crime go to jail for a very long time for this.

Kind Regards,



REPLY: Both the Magnitsky Act film and my Film were banned in the USA. The reason is clear. Both films touched on the fact that there were at least the Bankers conniving rig the Russian elections. I do not believe that Putin killed Madnitsky, for he would have been a witness against the bankers. Browder runs around calling himself the number one enemy of Putin. Just look at Hermitage Capital on Wikipedia. It states the founders were Edmond Safra and Bill Browder. Edmond NEVER allowed Browder to control anything. Edmond was the mover and shaker. It was Republic National Bank that was soliciting me to bring over $10 billion to invest in Hermitage Capital Management that I rejected.



Safra was killed in Monaco I believe by Putin for interfering in the Russian elections to blackmail President Yeltsin to install his buddy Berezovsky. I knew

All of this focus of Putin interfering into the US elections and Putin offering Mueller to allow him to interrogate Russians if he could do the same in America was unanimously rejected by the Senate. Why?

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