WEC Survey is In

The results from our survey for the Rome WEC are in and over 93% of respondents rated the event as “excellent” (52.78%) or “very good” (40.28%). Attendees expressed they were happy with the bonus Socrates training sessions. The feedback from those sessions was great since people requested either a more advanced or simplified course based on their current understanding of the models. Given this feedback, we will add-on a Socrates training session for Orlando and we will look at returning to Berlin for a special session as so many requested.

Rome was a popular venue location as well. Nigel Farage was well received (someone suggested to invite Trump to the next WEC) since Nigel called our World Economic Conference the “alternative to Davos.”

Here are a few testimonials from our clients:

“Attending a Martin Armstrong WEC is always a highlight. I gain further global perspective on
economics and markets, which empowers me to make even more profitable investment
and business decisions.”

“Each WEC pays for itself – both in forecasting and in providing an accurate world view on a

variety of topics from markets, politics, science, etc. – all free from noise, just the facts as
seen through the eyes of Socrates!”

“I have been following Martin Armstrong since 1987 and his knowledge, information,
forecasts and stories are unsurpassed.”

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