The Demise of the British Conservative Party?

The term “Conservative” was suggested as a title for the party by a magazine article by J. Wilson Croker in the Quarterly Review in 1830. The name immediately caught on and was officially adopted under the aegis of Sir Robert Peel around 1834. However, it really began to take shape in 1812 when the name “Tory” was commonly used for a new party according to historian Robert Blake. Blake stated that Pitt’s successors after 1812 “were not in any sense standard-bearer’s of true Toryism”. Nevertheless, it was 1834 when the name “Conservative Party” was adopted and it replaced Tory as the dominant name by 1845.


There is no question that Britain has witnessed its economy decline every since joining the Eu back in 1973. The coup against Margaret Thatcher and the desire to even surrender the pound was only halted by the free markets during the ERM Crisis of 1992-1993. Had it not been for that crisis which actually made George Soros famous, the British pound would no longer exist for they would have been in the Eurozone.

Ironically, it has been Soros who has been opposing BREXIT and trying to fund the remain segment and advocates the surrender of the pound. The Telegraph reported that Soros “is one of three senior figures linked to the Remain-supporting campaign group Best for Britain who plan to launch a nationwide advertising campaign this month, which they hope will lead to a second referendum to keep Britain in the EU.” Soros has been backing the idea of one-world government in the EU.

The 224-Year Cycle of Political Change warns that by 2036, we may no longer see the Conservative Party. Theresa May never wanted to leave the EU – she was personally against it. All of the trade data proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no tremendous advantage to being in the EU.

What has been very clear is that Teresa May has really undermined the Conservative Party with its support falling below 10% in the EU elections. May’s defeat has been brought about by Brussels’ refusal to negotiate and thus May and just accepted that position and constantly tried to get Britain to surrender its sovereignty in the process. The Conservatives are on course for their lowest ever share of the vote in a nationwide ballot and many fear that they could even slip into fifth place behind the Greens. Remember one thing. Like plays and fashion which begin in London and then migrate to the USA, the same is true of politics. This is a warning to American political parties. Trump was elected NOT as a fluke, but as a vote against the establishment. We are witnessing the very same trend in Britain.

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