EU Assigments Legarde to Replace Draghi & Ursula von der Leyen to Head EU

Christine Lagarde will replace Mario Draghi come the end of his term. Of course, the IMF has not been entirely supportive of Draghi’s policies. But she is predominantly a lawyer and does not have the experience in how markets function (reliable internal sources). She has no idea of what she is walking into. The ECB cannot raise interest rates without blowing up the budgets in the EU and there is no way to stop Quantitative Easing as well. With the ECB owning about 40% of the debt right now of member states, it has to keep rolling that or the free market will extract its pound of flesh with higher rates.

Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen was chosen for the commission presidency. Also based upon reliable inside sources, she is very anti-Russia and believes that war is justified. She seems to be a puppet for the neocons and is reported to be not a dynamic or independent thinker.

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