Why Private Blogs

Some people have asked why do we have Private Blogs that are all different Basic, Plus, and Pro. I promised to not leave anyone behind. Therefore, since I was only a governmental and institutional adviser, I was not the run-of-the-mill newsletter guy so our readership was small keeping it around 25,000 and the audience was professional. From a writer’s viewpoint, I did not have to explain terms, spreads, complex strategies or economic terms for that was just the normal jargon.

Opening up Socrates to the entire world has been a challenge. The terminology used has to be more for the general public. I do my best not to write over the heads of people who are not from the institutional world.

By forecasting the market trends and coordinating the entire world, the big goal is not to create just a trading or investment forecast, but to demonstrate that the system can be applied in managing the affairs of the global economy. It would be nice to stop these crazy theories and experiments that always result in blowing up the economy with negative interest rates that wipe out pensions only creating a huge fiscal nightmare that we must face sooner than later. There are people’s lives they are playing with. This is not some chemistry set we got as a kid to see what we can create. This is the real world and decisions must be all-encompassing – not one-sided as always. Lowering interest rates to get people to borrow wipe out savers. All of these schemes have failed yet we keep trying them over and over again.

What is put out on all levels is the basic same trend. We do not say sell to one group and buy to another. The trend is the trend and the computer does not distinguish between groups in that manner. This is the entire purpose of Socrates. It does not get tired. He has no conflicts of interest. And it has no position in a market it is speaking about with self-interest.

Therefore, the difference is more the timing strategies. The basic is for the investor who wants to know what is going on. This group has no trading position. They may have some stocks and real estate and what basic info on the world trend not for trading gold or stocks from even one week to the next.

The Plus is for someone who wants more detail of markets. They want the insight into the turning points and when things are likely to unfold in a more short-term perspective.

The Pro version is for more of the trader looking for the swings. Here we provide the reversals and turning points so decisions can be made as to trading your portfolio.

Mixing the Pro terminology and strategy with the Basic will only confuse the general investor and make the product something that will not satisfy their objectives.

Additionally, far too many people just cut and paste what we do and market it as their own.

My objective is to leave behind something that the world will come to see is unbiased and does a far better job at forecasting the global trends than listening to analysts who have a predetermined agenda or economists who are taught all things always remain equal.

We all have an expiration date. What is the purpose of life if we do not accomplish something? What I hope most of all is to leave something behind that will help manage society and bring us in sync with the global cycles rather than fight them and assume we are all-powerful as what is going on with the Global Warming nonsense.

Like Joseph who told the Pharoah that there would be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of scarcity if you understand the cycles of nature, we will survive with them. If not, we will continually wage war and chaos blaming others for things that are natural and never once making that one step for mankind.


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