Cities are Harassing Homeowners with Excessive Fines

I have been warning about the hunt for taxes. You must realize that the worst is unfolding at the state and municipal levels of local governments because they cannot create money as is the case at the federal levels. Therefore, they pass draconian laws and enforce insane things just to raise money.

In New Jersey, I was given a parking ticket in a private parking lot. Of course, it was illegal. They know you will pay the $35 rather than take a whole day off from work to fight an illegal ticket in the first place.

Marlton, New Jersey, one of the most corrupt towns in the state, set up roadblocks during Rush Hour. I was caught up in these unconstitutional money grabs twice. You have to show your license, registration, and insurance card. Missing anything and you were sent to another line for your $125 ticket. Sure you can fight it. You will spend $125,000 and win for the local judge will rule against you and off you go one endless appeal.

They know lawyers charge way higher than any other profession to ensure you cannot actually fight illegal actions by the states which allow the oppression of our rights. Only the rich can fight ion court so talk about Marxism.

This is part of the cycle and it will end in civil unrest. Welcome to the end of this wave of the Economic Confidence Model.

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