Medical Industry #1 Contributors to Bribing Congress

COMMENT: “Kamala Harris – Medicare for All”
Doctors’ incomes are such a small part of the issue. You might have mentioned the obscene theft that prevails for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, the bloated salaries of hospital administrators, facility fees attached to medical service bills. The disappearance of competition in the field due to rank and illegal monopolism. I could go on. And on. But I do think you know this stuff already.


REPLY: Yes you are correct. Both hospitals and education have become corrupted because they are monopolies to a large extent funded by the government. Private practitioners are being driven out of business by hospital groups which are effectively like monopolies. They have become money-making operations. It is by no means about caring for the patients. It is how much can they make off of people these days.

Without serious reform and investigation into this trend, there is no hope of coming up with any plan that will help the people. As soon as the government promises to pay, there goes all credibility.

This is why I say the hospital groups must become more like public utilities. Until that happens, healthcare will only get more expensive until their greed prices these hospital groups out of existence.

People do not realize but Pharmaceuticals/Health Products are the #1 contributor as an industry to bribing Congress. They have given almost $4 billion to them to get this monopoly status. They sell drugs cheaper in other countries they lobby Congress to prevent Americans from buying the same drugs in Canada. This proves that our pretend “representatives” never represent the people first.

Yes, they even beat the bankers!!!!!!!

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