Heatwaves Are Serious Only on a Sustained Basis

COMMENT: Hi Martin,
I thought you might be interested in some comments on Climate Change.
My wife has a dear friend 87 years old who lived (and still does) in Wellington County, Southern Ontario. She sent some comments on the current heatwave.
“The heatwave last week made me think of the many times my parents talked about the 1936 heatwave that went on for days. My sister was a baby of about 10 months and she would turn beet red. They kept her cool with wet clothes. I vaguely remember sleeping on mattresses on the front lawn. There was no electricity on the outlying farms. The fruit cooked on the vines and trees. The crops dried up. In Toronto, it was 103 and lasted for 8 days. It is not likely that too many people had fans, just coming out of the dirty depression. So I guess we should not complain.”
Thanks. Always enjoy your comments.


REPLY: The environmentalists point to a weekend heatwave as proof of global warming, and therefore we all must stop driving cars. We are nowhere near historical records and your account of what took place back then is overlooked by the global warming crowd who are so desperate to end industrialization. A heatwave is dangerous when, as in the 1930s, there is a sustained period that lasts much longer than a weekend.

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