I am in Asia with a Front Row Seat

QUESTION: How long will you be here in Asia?


ANSWER: It is very interesting that we have clients on both sides of all these disputes here in Asia, except in North Korea. The great concern is that if China did send into Hong Kong troops, would they leave? Would this tip the scales of Hong Kong as a financial center? Will Thailand and Singapore continue to benefit from this shift in Asia. Then there is the India crisis.

This is very interesting because we have clients on all sides here. We have held WEC conferences in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore. So we have always been well entrenched throughout Asia and we are inside China where Socrates publishes forecasts each day on all the top Chinese stocks.

So we are here indeed with a front row seat addressing questions on each side from such diverse positions. It looks like this will be a while. We have a lot of clients in Asia.


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