Dark Forces & the Dying Embers of Freedom of Speech

QUESTION: Hi Martin,

I’ve been a big fan of your blogs for all these years. May I ask if you have any recommendation of books or your previous blogs that can help us re-understand better the most important topic that impacts us and that is the understanding of the Cycles in our lives?

Thanks and regards,

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the book I wrote back in 1986, “The Greatest Bull Market in History,” brings as much as $3,000 on eBay. Paul Tudor Jones had bought a large quantity and distributed them to his clients so that is probably where most have survived. I have only one copy myself. The receiver confiscated all the copies to prevent them from getting out, I believe, at the request of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. I have finished what I regard as perhaps one of the most important books.

There really is an effort to prevent any real analysis that exposes the business cycle and those manipulating markets from the safe haven they have been granted in New York City. Everyone knows that NEVER is a single banker every criminally charged for what they do. Even Steve Bannon, the former adviser to Trump who did work at Goldman Sachs, has called the failure to ever prosecute a single person in New York just outrageous. This has tarnished the reputation of the American legal system and acted as a major warning sign that you better count your fingers and toes after doing any deal in New York City. It has taken three foreign governments to go after Goldman Sachs on the Malaysian deal. New York will never investigate the entity and behind the curtain, it is known as Government Sachs.

I am also finishing for the WEC “How do Empires, Nations & City-States Fall – The Dark Age Cycle.” This will be the first time I release the “Dark Age Cycle,” which has been back-tested to 6,000 BC. I have provided the reconstruction of the world monetary system for the first time in an effort to demonstrate how I have used coinage to document history. My research also allows me to answer vital questions of how empire, nations, and city-states actually fall and how rapidly this type of move unfolds.

I have also undertaken the study of the emergence of Dark Ages and compiled the checklist that distinguishes a shift in political orientation from a collapse in civilization itself where it takes a reboot to start all over again.

To produce “The Forecaster,” it was funded by German TV. They gave the Receiver and the government an opportunity to appear and give their side – they all declined. In order to undertake that film, every allegation against the powers that be had to be proven to Lloyds of London in order to underwrite the insurance for the film against slander or lawsuits. Here is the email from Tancred Schiavoni demanding the source code to Socrates be turned over to the government or they would fire all employees. They used the case as an open door to try to stop all forecasting.

To a large extent, they have proven one fact — we were never part of the swamp in New York City. Suddenly more institutions, after getting their finger burned by the New York Bankers, have turned to us knowing that we are the alternative. Even Nigel Farage at the Rome WEC referred to us as the “Alternative to Davos.” I am just sick and tired of the corruption that has placed the entire world economy at risk. The Malaysian 1MBD scandal is just one that is finally being charged criminally, but the US will never defend the people or the economy against the bankers.

They banned the film the Magnitsky Affair in the USA and the Forecaster has been shown on TV in Europe, Asia, and even in Canada – but not the United States. Why? If it is just conspiracy talk, that they allowed being aired. But when it exposes that the USA under the Clinton Administration tried to interfere into the Russian elections back in 2000, that they will not allow being reported in the land of the free and home of the brave bureaucrat who suspends free speech.

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