Do We Face Global Cooling or an Ice Age?

QUESTION #1: You expect global cooling due to the decrease in solar energy. Why do glaciers melt?


QUESTION #2: Now that the Greenland Glacier is growing, is this part of the shift back toward global cooling? Do you think we are headed to an ice age?


ANSWER: There appears to be a 20-year cycle in the Arctic to begin with. The mere fact that at times the Northwest Passage has been ice-free and ice blocked proves there is a cycle to absolutely everything. The Arctic has not always been frozen. There are documented accounts from 1817 when the ice melted. The point is nature functions in a cyclical manner — hello, remember four seasons?

I do NOT believe we are heading into an “Ice Age” of such a dramatic duration. All the data clearly shows that we are in a declining trend with each warming peak being less than the former. Anyone who thinks humans have caused this last warming period just listens to propaganda and ignores all the historical evidence. There is ABSOLUTELY no period in history absent of a cycle — NONE!!!!

From an objective and unbiased view, yes, we will see a cooling period. However, this will most likely be just a retest of the last low of the Little Ice Age. I would not speculate on an Ice Age coming, just a swing downward in temperature enough to cause us a lot of inconveniences.

The Greenland Glacier is growing again at the edges because the water is colder. That seems to be in line with the downturn in the energy output of the sun since 2015. The global cooling puts food production at risk. Sure, there are those who just refuse to believe this since global warming has become a religion. The herd may be thinned for their propaganda will ensure they are unprepared for food shortages.

Constantly there are stories about how the data has been manipulated and outright forged. Now China’s scientists have come out and warned of global cooling, not warming. These scientists are not reliant on Western government grants and do not need to fix the data to support the global warming agenda.

The problem with the people who refuse to listen is a similar qualification for being the worst investor in history. You can claim you are right all you want, but when the market goes against you and you refuse the look at your assumptions, you end up dead broke. Perhaps literally after jumping from a window. That is the downside to bias. Always consider both sides.

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