Advice for Trump – How to Win 2020

The New York Post reported that an American student who could not find a job with their degree was forced to simply leave the country. If I were Trump, I would run on forgiving student loans at least partially and lay the blame where it all belongs – on the Clintons and their deal with the bankers.

I would make it ILLEGAL for bankers to demand a guarantee from a parent when in fact what they did was get the family home exempt from bankruptcy so they could throw families out on the street to collect their money.

It is time this crisis is dealt with. If you want to stimulate the economy, STOP handing blank checks to bankers and hope they do the right thing which will NEVER happen!!!!!!!! And while you are at it, start putting bankers in jail like any other corporate officer and make it ILLEGAL for any bail-in. Let’s really drain the swamp – stop filling it.


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