How Was the Elite so Wrong with Trump?

The primary issue that the elite has utterly failed to understand is that there was a sense of hope when Obama was elected president. People believed that as the first black president, he could really change everything. What everyone discovered was that Obama was a career politician. It does not matter what the race, creed, or gender might be. A career politician can only see things through the eyes of those in government who look down upon the great unwashed who are too stupid to know what is best for us.

What Donald Trump brought to the presidency and why there is so much hatred toward him is simple. When anyone from the real world takes that office, they see the world from the eyes of the people — not the echo chamber of Washington elites. It is that different perspective that they hate so much and not Trump, himself, as a person.

All his gaffs are systematic insofar as they represent the unprofessional political view. The career politicians know when to lie and smooth out every nuance to the point it is not a controversy. The uninitiated in the political world have a steep learning curve.

I have been asked many times why have I worked behind the curtain so often. The reason is that I understand the game. A politician is a wordsmith. You have to phrase things so that they are politically acceptable. When a world leader promises he will not devalue and then the pound in the middle of the ERM crisis must be lowered from a peg, it all turns on the words. Crafting it from a devaluation to allow the pound to float to seek its own level amounts to the same thing. However, the former is still trying to peg a currency whereas the latter will allow the marketplace to do so. The end result will be a lower pound and the crisis is relieved.

It is wordsmithing. If you can do that with words to accomplish the same end result, that is where the value to advice begins to take shape.

The political world is still confused. They do not like the message that lurks behind Donald Trump. He won, NOT because of who he is personally, but because the people have lost faith in all career politicians who talk a lot but do nothing differently. An outsider sees the world from the view of the people. A career politician sees only the great unwashed.

Until we come to realize WHY Donald Trump was really elected, there is little hope that politics will change for those in power want to believe that the great unwashed are really just too stupid to know what is best for themselves.

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