Can Anyone Really Influence Elections?

QUESTION: Hey Marty, If the Labour (UK) and far-left Democrats (YUSA) can use fake news and outrageous lies to manipulate the outcome of elections, destroy the capital formation in Britain, why can’t the Tory and the conservatives in both the UK and USA fight fire with fire and do the same to them?


ANSWER: The mainstream media is bought and paid for. We do not have truly independent news as it once existed. The media manipulated the polls in both the Brexit vote and the 2016 US election. Our computer was the only one to forecast both. The computer does not look at polls nor does it call up people. It looks only at the economic trends.

I do not believe the Russians influenced the election any more than the press manipulated the election for Hillary or blocked Brexit. The people will vote based upon their personal experience.

The right has fought back. Fox News Channel has topped cable news for the 70th consecutive quarter and remains the most-watched outlet on all of basic cable. Fox has consistently beat CNN. I do not think you can look at polls. The fact that viewership rises for Fox and steadily declines for CNN runs counter to all the media stories supporting the Democrats, including those pushing climate change marathons now.

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