The Right to Vote Extends to Dead People?

QUESTION: I assume you have seen the news how Florida has 53,000 dead people voting. Do you have a solution to the voter fraud?


ANSWER: It is very simple. Voting should be done online, and voters should use their Social Security number which is required for just about everything these days. You cannot get on a plane without proving who you are. Why does the same not apply to voting?

If we voted online more people would vote, and you could easily check if the person is still alive or not. For the poor who have no computer, they could go to the local center or library and login there. They still have a Social Security number.

Aliens who live in the USA with green cards have a Social Security number. My view is if you are here legally and paying taxes, then you are subject to US laws and should be entitled to vote. If you are an alien and rob a store, you still enjoy the Constitutional rights. Those rights should apply to voting since it would be taxation without representation.

That eliminates dead people and illegal aliens.


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