We All Have Little Bubbles

COMMENT: Marty, I love you Man! I was sitting in my office back in April of 2005, reading the WSJ. There was a story where Greenspan declared he would begin raising rates. I was, “thinking out loud” when I said, “Oh Shit!?!?”. The fellow I shared the office with asked, “What’s wrong?”. I proceeded to explain that there would be a crisis (2008/2009). I think the DJIA was somewhere around 7000, then it went to 14000. If only I knew you back then. The first time I read one of your emails where you pointed out that the market goes up when rates go up, I finally got it, almost like a religious conversion, like Paul on the road to Damascus. Rates go up = my bond values go down, so I sell my bonds to end/limit my losses, and I park/invest in stocks. Do I have that right? Dude, you are so right on. When anybody criticizes you, just say “FTB” (Forget That Bitch) or FTSB (Forget Those Stoopid Bitches) or FTBS (Forget That Bull Shit) or just say all of it. Evidently some University did a study about using foul language, they concluded it lowers the pain by up to 30%. It kills me, this just happened, just ten years ago, and people want to argue with you, can’t they simply remember? (Ask a stupid question). You have helped me figure out a ton of stuff,


God Bless You My Great Brother!!!

REPLY: I don’t get angry. I just consider the source. As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Some people just cannot see outside their little bubble. It is like a trader who cannot understand the thinking process of a non-trader, and likewise, the non-trader cannot understand the actions of a trader. Then there is the institutional trader. He has to answer to a board that has no concept of trading and they are supposed to oversee the trading division. They cannot say, “Look, the reversals were elected, the oscillators flipped, or you broke technical resistance or support.” They have to say some logical fundamental explanation to offer the board and then everything is OK.

We all have a little bubble. The most important thing is to ALWAYS try to understand the thinking process of the other groups. I always wrote for just institutions. I have made an effort to try to see the world from the non-trader or professional position in order to be able to write for an audience that does not look at the world from either a trader or institutional pair of eyes.

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