Trump Impeachment

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House is opening a formal impeachment inquiry of Trump, saying he’s violated his oath of office and obligations under the Constitution. Her announcement that she will begin an impeachment inquiry over Ukraine has now been the excuse for US stocks to revisit support. There was no announcement of a vote on the floor to endorse an inquiry. Pelosi’s action does not even mean that there will ever be actual charges against the president. It would have to be a trial in the Senate if charged, and there is no conduct that would warrant actually removing him from office. Clearly, we should expect this for the 2020 election just as the Republicans used that against Bill Clinton. It backfired on the Republicans and it will backfire on the Democrats. It’s a great distraction from trying to get a complete socialist takeover of the US government in 2020.

People are not elected to Congress to simply obstruct and oppose anything the opposite side proposes. This is what politics has degenerated into — political wars. They no longer see themselves as “representatives” of the people. It is all about personal power. This is why politics is doomed. It does not matter who is elected. If the Democrats won in 2020, the Republicans would adopt their strategies and obstruct whatever they could. We have lost any hope of a functioning government.

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