Capitalism v Hybrid Capitalism

COMMENT: Every ISM has failed. Maybe we are seeing the twilight of Capitalism.
China is a hybrid. Maybe that is why it will be the next world power.


REPLY: People confuse capitalism with corruption. Capitalism is your freedom to choose. Corruption is when republics are available for sale to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, the founding fathers believed the propaganda of Cicero who painted Julius Caesar as a dictator when he was a populares. The people supported Caesar against the corrupt senate of Rome which sold itself to the highest bidder.

I believe the ONLY way to correct our political crisis is to impose TERM LIMITS in Congress — one term and you are out. Just look at the Democrats. All they are doing is trying to undermine Trump. This is what career politicians do. They are not fighting for the people. They are only trying to undermine the opposition for more power.

Congress spends 70% of its time selling favors and trying to raise money for the next election. Term limits will end that. It will end the lobbying motto: “Do as I ask and I will fund your next election.”

Our judicial system is collapsing entirely. Nobody can prevail against the bankers in New York City. The courts will bend the law and ignore the Supreme Court entirely to protect the bankers who are the leaders of corruption and the harbingers of our doom.

China is a hybrid. The positive side of China is that the unelected leadership need not promise stupid things to maintain power. They can focus on the long-term plan for China. We do not need to adopt that hybrid, but we can achieve what was originally intended with term limits. End the corruption and we will at least have a real, free climate of capitalism.

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