Hong Kong Protests Erupt over Anti-Mask Law

We are getting reports from clients in Hong Kong telling us that there is absolute chaos raging in the streets. People lining up at ATM machines pulling out cash. A 16yr old they are reporting was shot by police and a policeman was set on fire. The MTR has been closed, and they are saying that virtual Martial Law is in effect.

The riots tonight have been over the Hong Kong government’s ban on the wearing of facial masks. It was said to have been an emergency measure intended to curb the violent unrest. However, it has been taken as a further sign that the “failed leader Carrie Lamb” is out of touch with events.

COMMENT: Hi Marty, sincere thanks for your quick response. (Hong Kong Riots.) I submitted my suggestion here less than 12 hours ago and you already addressed it.
Tonight, Hong Kong braises for its darkest day in history. Indeed, a sea of black shirts just floated past my sister-in-law’s apartment window. I can share her video (only if you want it.) She calls them Dementors. I’m glad at least her usual sense of wit and humour is intact.
You mentioned the Five Demands. The government has offered to sit down and negotiate but didn’t get a bite. They already have hostages – all of Hong Kong – so what’s to negotiate? Mr. Armstrong, if THAT’S not the M.O. of terrorists – yield to demands in exchange for hostages – God didn’t make little green apples.

Universal Suffrage doesn’t mean a thing until Universal Suffering ends. Nothing justifies this much violence. Unless the activists agree to move on to the next step – meet and talk – I can’t see how this could end well. But I still hope and pray (with no HKD to avoid the risk.)

Thanks for the fine analyses over the years, and for lending an ear.

See you in Orlando next month!

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